One Journey - Many  Pathways
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We are all spiritual beings on a journey in this physical world.  It is my belief that the vehicle varies, but the journey is the same - connecting in love with that higher self within and connecting to the love of that Divine Being we recognize as the Source within each of us.

Most of us begin this journey consciously in an organized religion - Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism - to name a few.  Many of us also explore other avenues of enlightenment - Celtic Wisdom, Buddhism, Kria Yoga, Wicca, Spiritualism, Shamanism and others.  No matter the path, ALL lead to the same place.  We are looking for TRUTH.  And, if we believe in, and recognize within ourselves and others,  a positive, Divine energy - we seek to express this Divinity - this love - in our interactions with others.

There are many names by which we call this Divine energy:  God, Allah, Universal Knowledge, Loving Spirit....Whatever name resonates with you,  ALL are the same.   Depending on our culture and early exposure to religion, we filter the WAY we see the Truth and the words we use to describe it - but not Truth itself.
        is offering community and fellowship to ANYONE on this Spiritual Journey. It is a venue for Connecting in Love through Spirit - our higher selves connecting with the higher selves of every other person.  Our only requirements for membership in our community are to recognize this universal positive Divine Energy, that life comes from that Divine Energy, and to be non-judgmental of the pathway any other person chooses to travel toward their own understanding of this Divinity.